About the National Child Welfare Conference 2018

The Prairie Child Welfare Consortium and the Provincial & Territorial Directors of Child Welfare are pleased to host the first National Child Welfare Conference (NCWC): The Future of Child Welfare, Oct. 23 - 26 in Calgary Alberta. 

The conference will be held at Calgary’s Sheraton Cavalier hotel. Book your room at the preferred conference rate. 

The conference will focus on research and promising practices that effectively support vulnerable children, families and communities. We hope to build on important national conversations occurring around effective practices and strategies for preventing Indigenous children coming into care, and supporting Indigenous children living with their extended families in their communities.

The gathering is also a hub, sharing  information about different models of governance while providing a platform for Indigenous people to express their own views about reform in child welfare.

The conference will appeal to cross-sectoral, multidisciplinary service providers, Indigenous leaders and scholars, educators, government and agency staff, policy-makers and researchers concerned about child and family well-being. This national conversation seeks to build on the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the Human Rights Tribunal and other significant national Indigenous strategies.

The goal is for our shared work over the week to act as a catalyst that builds and adds to the momentum and energy building across Canada for a dramatically different and better system of child welfare.

We hope you’ll join us.


About the Provincial and Territorial Directors of Child Welfare

The Provincial and Territorial Directors of child welfare include all the statutory provincial and territorial directors of child welfare in Canada. The Directors report to the Deputy Minister of Child Welfare through a rotating chair.

The committee focuses on diverse initiatives including implementing, developing, maintaining and revising the inter-provincial and territorial protocol for children and families moving between provinces. The committee also acts as a  clearinghouse for information sharing between provinces and territories, including hosting conferences. This is the first national conference co-hosted by the Provincial and Territorial Directors.


About the Prairie Child Welfare Consortium

NCWC 2018 is also the 9th, biennial conference of the Prairie Child Welfare Consortium. The consortium is a tri-provincial and northern multi-sector network engaging university educators and researchers, government and Indigenous administrators, policy-makers and service delivery agents dedicated to advancing and strengthening child welfare education and training, research, policy development, practice, and service delivery in the Prairie provinces and the Northwest Territories.